2007-08-24 15:02:39 by Bigboymagee

I am fairly happy with the results of my Video Game quiz that I submitted. I was kind of deep down hoping for at 3.60 but that is OK. I recently submitted it to three other sites including Addicting Games ... which is fairly cool. Anyways, I'm not sure what I will make next and since school is starting soon, not sure when it be finished. Thanks for all the support!


The Generic Video Game Quiz

2007-08-10 23:12:11 by Bigboymagee

Go check out my new submission, The Generic Video Game Quiz . It is brand spanking new, I submitted mere seconds ago. Play through and have fun.


2007-07-22 22:54:01 by Bigboymagee

Well, its summer and I'm bored as shit ... X_Aldin is planning on making some new videos soon which should be sweet but I feel like making more flash after making my first true flash games (The Music Quiz). So I've decided to start thinking up some new ideas for a game ... or maybe a movie. I have been wanting to make a basketball type game for awhile but that might have to wait for awhile. I just got Photoshop (which is awesome) and I plan on using it a lot throughout my flash because I find it easiest to make cool shit. Anyways, I hope to get whatever I'm making up soon as possible.